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Facial Recognition Technology Isn’t Good Just Because It’s Used to Arrest Neo-Nazis

– Slate

How the use of facial recognition to track the Capitol rioters could cause it to become more deeply embedded in our society

Journalists, police, and activists have scoured over photos of rioters arrested due to facial recognition technology matching images they posted on social media.

“Watching the Capitol rioters be arrested may be satisfying. But the role of facial recognition technology here is alarming, given the risks of false identification and the technology’s inherently biased design.”

The authors write that if police and governments can harness the power of facial recognition to assert control, regular people should also be privy to this power. But the cost is incredibly high, as expanding the use of this technology will continue its discrimination against marginalized groups, particularly people of color.

It is a shame that these points need to be litigated over again, but researchers, technologists, and advocates will continue to make them until everyone understands why facial recognition technology is a menace to human dignity

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