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Facets of Trustworthiness in Digital Identity Systems

– The Alan Turing Institute

Technical briefing from The Alan Turing Institute on trustworthy frameworks for digital identity developers

This briefing highlights what features and mechanisms can be put in place to ensure digital identity systems uphold pillars of standards within robustness, reliability, resiliency, security, privacy, and ethics.

"This is the preliminary step in identifying and elaborating the core principles of a trustworthiness framework that can be utilized for establishing the different assurance levels of an EIDS (electronic identity systems) in terms of its system components, information system flows, physical and logical processes, and information systems."

By providing a set of attributes for each of the facets of a good trustworthy digital identity system, this technical brief looks at what developers are doing to ensure trustworthiness and what can be done in the future to build better systems.

Existing digital ID assurance frameworks and technical security standards often overlook the importance of trust requirements and facets when developing assurance levels for the certification or accreditation of EIDS systems

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