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Eye Tracking Can Reveal an Unbelievable Amount of Information About You

– New Atlas

How biometric data analysis from eye tracking can divulge huge amounts about individuals, without them knowing

Research has shown that data from eye reading technologies can contain information about a user's biometric identity, gender, age, ethnicity, body weight, personality traits, drug consumption habits, and emotional state - as well as help diagnose physical and mental health conditions.

"[Eyes] can tell us a ton about the person we're interacting with, and through evolution and pattern recognition, we each learn to glean a huge amount of information about people through their eyes."

Given that only public research has been made available, it can be assumed that large tech companies possess even bigger sets of data, therefore raising implicit concerns around how eye tracking can be analyzed, and used, to target users with highly responsive marketing.

Since it is unlikely... that companies will voluntarily refrain from using or selling personal information that can be extracted from already collected data, there should be strong regulatory incentives and controls

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