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Exploring Biodigital Convergence

– Policy Horizons Canada

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 21 May 2021

How merging digital technologies and biological systems will change our world

This report gives potential examples of how biodigital convergence might impact our life, such as the ability to manage our bodily functions, alter the human genome, and control machines with our brains. In this possible future, new and crucial questions about data and privacy will arise.

“Publicly acceptable data policy may sometimes enable biodigital convergence, and sometimes create roadblocks. The ease with which many parties could extract or make use of personal data related to an individual’s genome, biome, health markers, and context could create new demands for regulation, beyond existing personal health information protection laws.”

The author highlights that as biodigital tools will run on our data, it will necessarily be handled by authorities, social services, healthcare providers, and other institutions. Therefore, the public must be able to trust these institutions. Additionally, using genomic altering will raise questions about privacy, particularly since revealing information about one person’s DNA will also reveal that of their family.

Governments may need to think beyond individual privacy and consider the concept of collective privacy, particularly when genetic data could affect the rights or freedoms of others

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