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Experts Discuss Blockchain Digital ID: The Pros and Cons in 2020

– akaChain

Nguyen Thinh of akaChain reviews viewpoints on blockchain technology from experts at McKinsey, BiometricUpdate, and BDO

Thinh explores the diversity of opinions on employing blockchain technology in digital transformation and digital identity, as well as presenting akaChain’s own view.

“... to promote blockchain’s applicability, we choose to provide BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) to take advantage of an easy-to- integrated and rapid-deployment platform. This approach will also help companies save on the initial investment costs of a new digital management solution.”

By reviewing McKinsey’s inclusive vision, BiometricUpdate’s assessment of practical blockchain applications, and BDO’s risk-based approach, Thinh offers insight into the future of blockchain.

… a digital ID could help all people around the world, whether or not already own some type of ID, to access economic, social, and political activities with safety and effectiveness. If done correctly, the digital ID provides a high level of verification and authentication, with uniqueness, personal consent, thereby ensuring user privacy, and the ability to control over personal data

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