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Exclusive: How Singapore is Building a Privacy-Based Digital ID

– GovInsider

Updates on Singapore’s digital identity platform

The author reports on Singapore's plans to pursue self-sovereign identity solutions, taken from a recent speech by Li Wei Loh, Product Manager for Singapore’s sgID.

"sgID uses a “zero knowledge protocol”, says Loh. This means the platform cannot access, and does not store, any citizen data that passes through its server. Only users and businesses can access the data – and even in the event of a breach, user data remains on their phone, in their control."

Tay explains how the sgID platform operates, protecting users’ data, preventing scams, and prohibiting the government from storing large amounts of citizen data in its system.

As more businesses go online, it’s “not sustainable” for the government to be storing sensitive citizen information, said Loh. That protocol removes the need for sgID to store sensitive information like transaction history, and serve as an “identity broker”

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