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Everyone Counts! Ensuring that the Human Rights of all are Respected in Digital ID Systems


The initiative working to confront social exclusion and human rights violations that government-managed digital ID systems can facilitate

The authors raise their concerns that despite initiatives laid out in regards to inclusive development for digital ID in the global south, not enough research has been done into combating exclusion and human rights infringements.

"Despite warning signs from several countries around the world, including chilling stories of people who have died because they were shut out of biometric ID systems, the digital ID agenda moves full steam ahead without full understanding of its exclusionary potential."

The focus of the initiative is to undertake high quality research with partners in order to ensure equity within digital ID systems. It also makes the point that with the COVID-19 global vaccine rollout now underway, it is more important than ever that everyone has the means of identification for access.

Our research so far has only confirmed our intuition that digital ID systems can deliver significant harms, particularly for those who are poorest, most vulnerable, and least powerful in society. These excluded voices deserve to be heard and to become a decisive factor in deciding the shape of our digital future

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