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Evernym Webinar Charts Path to Digital ID Privacy For Verifiable Health Credentials

– Biometric Update

At a recent Evernym webinar, experts discussed how self-sovereign identity (SSI) can improve privacy in health settings

This article recaps the virtual event, where stakeholders discussed how physical verifiable credentials, such as passports, can be safely transferred to the digital realm. Storing people’s sensitive information digitally can carry a lot of inherent security risks, but as participant Drummond Reed outlined, there are ways of ensuring privacy:

“First, credentials need to be issued and stored in a secure digital wallet controlled by only the holder. Second, the holder must be in control of when and where to present this information. And third, safeguards must be in place to prevent the holder from being tracked.”

The article recounts Chris Ingrao of Lumedic’s explanation that, as patients are increasingly in control of their health data, cybersecurity is crucial. Christine Leong of Accenture also outlined that while scaling privacy-preserving technology is achievable, a major challenge is that expectations of privacy and levels of trust can vary widely across different countries and cultures.

The key to reaching a global level of trust in digital ID is self-sovereign identity, which requires industry and governments to deepen cooperation to ensure that individuals can enjoy the level of privacy that is right for them, regardless of where they are

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