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Evernym Joins with Other Solution Providers to Achieve Interoperability Milestone

– Evernym

The components of Evernym’s self-sovereign identity (SSI) technology are interoperable with various identity companies

Evernym believes in open standards, so that credentials can be shared across identity products offered by competing vendors. Its work with Sovrin, Hyperledge, and the Trust Over IP Foundation have formed the basis for trusted and efficient SSI solutions.

“We are excited to say that the core functions of self-sovereign identity, including connecting between decentralized identifiers (DIDs), issuing credentials, and fulfilling proofs, have been successfully tested with the following products.”

Evernym acknowledges that interoperability does not necessarily follow from open standards and open source code - there also needs to be stringent testing procedures in place to ensure it works in real world settings.

While we consider this a major milestone, we also acknowledge that interoperability is a moving target

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