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Europe’s Digital Identity Landscape

– Ubisecure

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 13 March 2021

The current status of digital identity systems in countries across Europe

This article from Ubiscure looks at what digital identity schemes are in place in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK, and the areas where progress still needs to be made. It looks at both government identity systems and the verification services offered by private companies, and found that Finland and Sweden have well-developed digital ID schemes, while in the UK:

“In 2020, as a result of the pandemic, the UK government launched a SelfEmployment Income Support Scheme. With 2.6 million people making a claim, it emerged that 1.4 million of those had no prior digital identity credentials to pass through HMRC’s identity verification service.”

The report notes that in both Germany and the UK, people are highly protective of their privacy, but may also be skeptical of the potential benefits to their privacy that digital IDs can offer, or they lack trust in their government to secure their data.

Where existing national-level IDs do not exist, either because of technical unavailability or local cultural resistance, other methods of identity verification are needed to ensure an equivalent level of trust

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