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European Digital Identity Will Spur Digital Transformation, Reduce Costs, and Improve Privacy

– Centre For Data Innovation

A statement responding to the European Commission’s proposed framework for a EU-regulated digital identity

Senior policy analyst at the Center for Data Innovation, Christophe Carugati, has made the following statement about how a European digital identity system can ensure a secure digital future for all Europeans.

"The European digital identity framework is a positive step forward in creating a future where all Europeans will prove their identity, or aspects of their identity, to both public and private services."

He makes the point that the proposed regulation should refrain from making any special obligations for only large platforms to accept digital identification and that the private sector should be allowed to continue creating innovative identity solutions.

By increasing the availability of public services that accept a European digital identity and working hand-in-hand with private entities to support its uptake, the proposal could unlock economic benefits in a wide range of sectors, including financial, education, and healthcare services

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