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Europe Wants to Go its Own Way on Digital Identity

– TechCrunch

An outline of the hurdles that the EU could face in implementing its e-ID plans

This article outlines the bloc’s proposals for creating a Europe-wide digital identity scheme, which would allow residents of all EU countries to prove their identity and access services, no matter which member state they are in. It would harness the potential of digital wallets, allowing users to store their credentials on their own mobile devices.

“A universally accepted “e-ID” could — in theory — help grease digital activity throughout the EU’s single market by making it easier for Europeans to verify their identity and access commercial or publicly provided services when travelling or living outside their home market.”

The e-ID would allow people to verify themselves online in the same way people use Facebook to log into other sites, but crucially without handing more data over to third parties. However, the author writes that the EU’s plans are incredibly ambitious and it will have to deal with substantial issues around adoption and trust.

Another big question mark thrown up by the commission’s e-ID plan is how exactly the envisaged certified digital identity wallets would store — and most importantly safeguard — user data. That very much remains to be determined, at this nascent stage

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