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EU Set to Ratchet Up AI Fines to 6% of Turnover - EU Document

– Reuters

Companies that use banned artificial intelligence (AI) software will face fines in an effort to regulate the harmful effects of the technology

The EU will fine firms that use AI apps that manipulate people, harm marginalized communities, or are informed by biased data up to 30 million euros. This comes amid increasing fears of the technology’s potential for abuse by authoritarian regimes.

“Civil and digital rights have in recent months urged authorities to ban biometric mass surveillance tools such as facial recognition systems, concerned about risks to privacy and fundamental rights and their abuse by repressive regimes.”

Proponents of the technology argue that AI can be harnessed for economic growth, while facial recognition technology can be used to search for missing children and combat crime.

Its use should be authorized by a court or an independent administrative body and limited in time and space

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