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EU Leaders to Call For An EU Electronic ID by Mid-2021


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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Samuel Stolton (EURACTIV) and Jorge Valero (EURACTIV)
  • 18 September 2020

EU leaders plan to ask the European Commission to implement a European digital identity system (e-ID)

The region’s leaders believe e-ID would be highly beneficial for cross-border digital services, especially as the digital economy grows, and hope that a proposal for an e-ID will be produced by mid-2021.

“To that end, EU leaders will call for the development of an ‘EU-wide secure public electronic identification (e-ID) to provide people with control over their online identity and data as well as to enable access to cross-border digital services,’ the draft document reads.”

The article also notes that EU leaders are calling for a large part of the pandemic recovery fund to go towards the digital sector, with priority areas including blockchain, AI, and cybersecurity.

The EU leaders will also focus on the importance of the review the EU competition rules to better compete with the US and China. It is a sensitive debate between those who want a major overhaul of the rules, especially France and Germany, and other governments arguing for minor tweaks

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