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Ethics, Data and Analytics: The Problem that Insurers will have with Digital Identity

– Ethics and Insurance

Duncan Minty of Ethics and Insurance sets out the role of identity in the emerging insurance landscape

Duncan Minty of the Ethics and Insurance blog elegantly outlines the major drawbacks and shortcomings posed by the insurance industry’s increasing adoption of identity data.

Minty argues that we risk losing the essence of individuals among an increasingly complex web of data that is used to represent them. He states that this has very tangible outcomes:

“It matters because insurers will increasingly be relying on those digital identities to make marketing, underwriting and claims decisions about us. And those decisions will influence what is on offer to us, the price of the cover on offer, and how our claims are then settled.”

Duncan poses a series of questions on the use of identity data, all that transcend insurance, demonstrating the revolutionary impact and implications of online identities, and why it’s fundamental we get it right.

What they are capturing and constructing is a digital identity for us. What they are not capturing is a digital identity that is us

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