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Establishing Identity Is a Vital, Risky and Changing Business

– The Economist

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  • 11 April 2019

A long-read from The Economist that maps the evolution of identity and the need to define it

This 23-minute read from The Economist walks through the social and political developments behind pinning down our identities, from ID manipulation in Renaissance Florence to today’s biometric systems in India, Nigeria, and the U.K.

Published via Medium, the long-read considers the first use of last names and clothing, early census, mugshots and fingerprints, and modern digital identity systems for the digitalized 21st century.

The article pauses on a number of major forces within today’s digital identity landscape, illustrating the monopoly of Facebook, India’s controversial Aadhaar system, and noteworthy startups who are innovating the way we use ID.

The provision and policing of identity is one of the foundations of the modern state and the lives lived in it

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