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eSSIF: The European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework

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An explanation of how blockchain technology could help deliver public services to people across Europe

This article discusses developments in the European self-sovereign identity framework (eSSIF) and its potential for increasing ease of access to services:

“The goals of eSSIF:

- Provide seamless cross-border services for citizens

- Help make institutions more efficient

- Facilitate economic activity flow across borders”

The eSSIF will be interoperable and decentralized, meaning that people can control their own identities across EU member states, without having to rely on each individual government.

The main advantage of using this approach is that the verifiable credential inherits the level of assurance of the eIDAS electronic identification means, allowing a person with this kind of eID to get different verifiable IDs and leveraging their use in the space of decentralized transactions, gaining real privacy.

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