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Photo: EyeEm / Marko Klarić

Diners Beware: That Meal May Cost You Your Privacy and Security


Why scanning QR codes comes with inherent risks from companies collecting and sharing our personal information

This article explains that by scanning QR codes to access restaurant menus, we may be sacrificing our privacy. By tracking us in offline as well as online situations, corporations can extract higher profits through targeted advertising or sharing our personal information with the government.

“In recent years, we’ve seen how information collected by prayer apps has been used to target and surveil Muslim Americans, and how location information of devices has been used to surveil people protesting for racial justice.”

Additionally, QR codes are potentially a security risk, as we can never know for sure exactly what effect these have on our phones. Scammers meanwhile have been known to tape over legitimate QR codes with fakes, which divert the user to malware or redirect their payment.

Now is the time to make sure that any technology we use is working for us, not putting more of our personal information and power into the hands of companies who profit at our expense

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