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Digital ID Tech is Moving Fast. #GoodID Will Ensure it Doesn’t Break Things

– TechCrunch

How the adoption of a Good ID framework will help overcome the pitfalls of digital ID

Widespread adoption of digital ID has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, digital vaccine passports. Robert Karanja argues that the pandemic provides a preview of the benefits, and potential pitfalls, of digital ID.

“If we are to fulfill the promise of digital ID systems, they must be paired with robust policies and the technical architecture that will ensure they expand rather than contract individuals’ rights and liberties.”

Good ID is a coalition of privacy and security advocates who have worked with businesses, governments, and civil society to develop the standards called ‘Good ID’. Risk mitigation and individual autonomy over ID are at the core of Good ID principles.

The ethos of the tech community is famously to “move fast and break things.” With the #GoodID movement, we can reconcile that impulse when it comes to digitizing society with the needs, experiences, and rights of everyday citizens

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