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Photo: Shutterstock / Paisit Teeraphatsakool

Digital Verification and Authentication in the Age of Industry 4.0

– Industry Wired

This article gives an overview of why digital identity is necessary for the next stage of industry

Transactions are increasingly being performed digitally, so digital identity is crucial for trust between parties. The author posits that as technology becomes more capable over time, machines will also need to have distinct and recognizable identities to allow them to work together.

“As ERP [enterprise resource planning] systems gather various information from machines for scheduling, long term planning, predictive maintenance, and more, a unique digital ID for the machines is required by default in Industry 4.0.”

Digital ID is also important in the Internet of Things, where distinct machines and processes must be able to recognize and trust each other, while minimizing the risk of security breaches.

Digital identity apparatuses offer greater promise in delivering efficiency, security and trust across industries. From the requirement of financial services to government-issued identification, digital identity makes transactions easier for the movement of people, funds, goods, and data and other resources

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