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Digital Technology and the Political Determinants of Health Inequities

– Global Policy Journal

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  • Via Dr. Joseph J. Atick (ID4Africa)
  • 27 August 2021

How emerging technologies and health inequalities are linked

This special issue of Global Policy Journal is formed of six research articles that take a critical look at the rise of healthcare technology around the world, and its potential benefits and harms.

“There are enormous risks in terms of reduction of basic liberties, increasing social conflict, wasted public finances, and long-term harms to economic systems.”

It states that while the current outlook on digital health globally is one of uncritical optimism, digital health can in fact exacerbate existing social inequalities. The journal calls for transparency and public debate around these issues to ensure regulation around new technology is rights-protecting.

A monumental task lies ahead, to redirect the momentum towards the path of the ideal: digital public goods that can advance and deliver health equity

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