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Digital Rights in Kenya Report

– Mzalendo Trust

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  • 17 August 2020

The Mzalendo Trust have released a new report surveying the digital rights legislation landscape in Kenya, reviewing the impact of Kenya’s existing digital rights ecosystem, and offering opportunities for improving the rights of Kenyan citizens

Their report is aimed at informing the average, interested Kenyan about how digital rights are implemented in the African nation, as well as the legal parameters that inform this.

“It sought to achieve this by specifically reviewing Kenya’s digital rights historical developments; reviewing the existing digital rights and access to information legal regime; analyzing the Huduma Namba judgement; gauging public’s appreciation of the implementation of the existing legal regimes; identification of challenges facing the enhancement of digital rights and the potential opportunities. Importantly, the study is situated within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the implications of the pandemic on digital rights and access to information.”

While the Mzalendo Trust’s comprehensive historical and contemporary review is neutral, the report ends with an optimistic outlook for data protection and digital rights in Kenya’s future.

The following opportunities can promote digital rights in Kenya: technology spread and increased adoption of ICT in work and social places; increased participation of private entities; litigation on digital rights; advocacy work; digital safety and digital literacy and increased government support

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