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Digital Rights in Closing Civic Space: Lessons from Ten African Countries

– African Digital Rights Network

Analyzing the impact of the closure and opening of online civic spaces on digital rights in Africa

This report examines the digital rights landscape in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Cameroon. It investigates how the opening and closure of online community spaces by governments affect citizens' digital rights. The report demonstrates that a comprehensive analysis of digital rights will require a broad consultation with interlocking political, civil, and technological backgrounds.

"For the first time, these reports make possible a comparative analysis of openings and closings of online civic space in Africa. They document 65 examples of the use of digital technologies to open online civic space and 115 examples of techniques used to close online civic space."

The report also analyzes digital surveillance, disinformation, internet shutdowns, legislation, and arrests for online speeches as tactics used by governments to close down online public spaces.

Digital rights are human rights in online spaces

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