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Digital Nomad Boom Sees E-Residency Launch New Digital ID Card Collection Points Worldwide

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 7 May 2021

Estonia’s e-Residency program is establishing pick-up points for digital ID cards around the world

People can now collect their digital residency identity cards in Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and Brazil, as part of an initiative to accommodate the rush of new enrollments due to the Covid pandemic and make the scheme more inclusive of those outside Europe.

“Every e-Residency community member who has been issued an e-Resident digital ID has a secure means of digital identification that grants them access to Estonia’s e-services, lets them sign documents digitally, and launch and run their business 100% online from the European Union.”

The e-Residency system allows users access to Estonia’s public services online and means they can establish a business in the European Union from wherever they are in the world.

All outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted, and all incoming data is authenticated and logged, meaning that e-Residents’ and other users of the X-Road’s data is completely secure

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