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Digital IDs Are More Dangerous Than You Think


In this opinion piece in Wired, the Executive Director of Access Now and RightsCon says we must advocate for the minimization of centralized personal data to uphold our fundamental rights

Despite the benefits of ID systems, Brett Solomon outlines why he believes digital identification poses a grave risk to human rights around the world.

In this opinion piece published via Wired, he calls for us to advocate for “the principles of data minimization, decentralization, consent, and limited access that reinforce our fundamental rights.”

“We cannot continue on the current path without stopping to build in necessary human rights protections to mitigate harm,” he continues.

Solomon argues for independent regulation, transparency, protection, and our right to opt out of digital ID without prejudice or negative repercussions.

I am convinced that digital ID, writ large, poses one of the gravest risks to human rights of any technology that we have encountered. Worse, we are rushing headlong into a future where new technologies will converge to make this risk much more severe

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