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Digital Identity

– Atlantic Council

A panel featuring experts discussing what lies ahead for digital identity in 2021

The panelists, including Dr. Dante A. Disparte of Diem Association, Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum, Dakota Greuner of ID2020, and David Treat of Accenture, talk about how COVID-19 vaccination passports for travel may accelerate the implementation of digital identity, and the importance of ensuring these systems are inclusive.

“There’s a worry we’re going to have another form of caste system around travel and then around identity. The assumption is that everyone has a passport - no they don’t - or that everyone is going through an airport - no they’re not. And so if you’re not going through those systems then you’re not going to have the automatic granting of this credential which is then going to be ported into everything else.” - Sheila Warren.

Also discussed is the need for global standards in identity to ensure interoperability and inclusion. Dakota Gruener describes how 1 billion people around the world lack identity, and infant vaccination - in conjunction with identity scheme enrolment - could help to tackle this problem:

I think really what is incumbent on all of us who care about this topic is putting that stake in the ground, and saying digital ID can be tremendously transformative - there are real risks associated with it, we’re not blind to that, but we have to go and create the best model of digital ID that we can

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