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Digital Identity to be Focus of Biometric Development, Says Research

– Think Digital Partners

Industry professionals agree that biometrics are key to the future of digital ID, but what about the risks?

The Biometrics Institute’s annual industry survey found strong agreement that biometrics, such as face recognition, will be key for anchoring digital identity, with 63% agreeing that the pandemic has accelerated an uptake in biometric solutions, such as the use of vaccine passports.

"In the health area, most (60 percent) thought that biometrics should be used internationally to provide the necessary identification assurance for vaccine certificates with few (14 percent) actively disagreeing."

While there is agreement that the focus of biometric development will be digital ID, there is disagreement over the risks. For example, 48% believe that the use of biometrics is growing too quickly for current regulation to be effective. Overall, there is strong agreement that any implementation of biometrics must prioritize human rights.

Similarly on the highly debated issue of demographic differentials, there was a range of opinion: 36 percent agreed that the issue of demographic differentials in face recognition is overstated but this was counterbalanced by 28 percent who disagreed, with the remainder uncertain

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