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Digital Identity: On the Threshold of a Digital Identity Revolution

– World Economic Forum

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 11 April 2019

A white paper by the World Economic Forum explores the challenges with current ID systems and the trends that will have a significant impact on the future of ID

In this 18-page white paper published for Davos 2018, the World Economic Forum (WEF) explores what digital identity is, how it has evolved in different contexts and potential risks that need to be considered as digital identity systems develop.

The Forum believes we are on the threshold of a digital identity revolution, with the importance of digital identity becoming more important and fractious. They shine a light on some key sectors impacted by this "revolution," including the humanitarian sector, financial services, travel and border control, connected devices, legal entities, and sustainable supply chain.

While the challenges for developed and developing countries do differ, the Forum identifies common, broader issues that all governments face, such as social and financial inclusion, management of data, usability, limits to portability and acceptability, and shareability.

This extensive document is a helpful overview for all industries and sectors to understand key trends and factors for digital identity, offering the WEF’s perspective and guidance for the implementation of ID systems based on inclusion, design and governance.

As part of the WEF’s Digital Identity Initiative, a platform to discuss and implement good ID, readers of this report are invited to submit their thoughts and suggestions to further its mission:

As digital forms of identity are required to conduct our lives, it is becoming clear that the current approach to identity and identity proofing is incompatible with the way we transact and behave across digital and physical worlds

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