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Digital Identity Should Be the Starting Point of a Digital Journey. It’s Not

– Disruptive Asia

Digital identity is necessary for efficient online transactions and navigation, but no perfect solution exists yet

The article notes that there were recent high hopes around a digital Know Your Customer (KYC) tool by Japanese electronics company Rakuten, but that it ultimately fell short of expectations.

“We have said before that digital identity is at the heart of digital transformation. We have also said that your mobile device should be the key to your digital world. As such, it is a little disappointing that the KYC service from Rakuten does not go as far as it might have.”

The author writes that a digital identity solution should ideally allow a user to securely buy or do anything online after signing up just once, and ends on an optimistic note that, as the industry develops, this will soon be achievable.

If the digital world keeps exploding at the breakneck speed it seems to be, then your digital identity should be the least of our worries and you should know that you are completely safe online

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