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Digital Identity for Development: The Quest for Justice and a Research Agenda

– Information Technology for Development

A review of research presented in this special issue of Information Technology for Development

Masiero and Bailur construct a theoretical framework based on research from colleagues across the globe, firmly placing digital identity in the toolkit of socioeconomic development to improve inclusivity and access to public services.

“It is this dichotomy, between a widely asserted development potential and the injustices emerging in practice, that makes it important to frame digital identity as an object of research in the field of information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D).”

The authors present a suggested research agenda based on deconstructing the use of the word “identity,” expanding the geography of identity research, adopting justice frameworks, exposing injustices, and reviewing the use of identity for entitlements.

Identification in a digital age matters because it reduces complex humans to records and systems, mostly categorized by others

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