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Digital Identity and Blockchain – Should They Work Together?

– Cybernetica

Asking whether blockchain technology could help secure global digital identities

This article looks at whether digital identity functions, both from governmental and holistic angles, along with blockchain technology, can combine to solve issues surrounding security, privacy, and accessibility.

"Blockchain is a type of database. Its strengths lie in it being excellent at preventing records in the database being deleted or modified by storing the data in 'blocks' that build on each other."

Rather than relying solely on Certificate Authorities (CA), blockchain could be used to help to store public keys and certificates - making for a more globally secure and accessible digital system. However, it is not without its issues, including extremely slow transactions.

Apart from being a more difficult target for attackers, there is also potential to offer such a blockchain solution globally. This is an alternative to relying on a few thousand CAs that often cover specific regions or countries

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