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Digital Identity and AI: How to Keep Deepfakes from Spreading Disinformation

– Homeland Security Today

How ethical AI and digital identity can combat deepfakes

The article states that deepfakes - manipulative videos showing false events - threaten the current state of democracy as they can be used to spread disinformation and sow distrust globally. But AI algorithms can be used to identify and remove deepfakes:

“If there’s a video of a politician speaking about climate change from an event in France, but that same politician states they were never there and did not make the video, then ethical AI can flag that discrepancy to the social media platform for further review.”

Digital identity can prove someone is who they say they are when they log in to a site. The author writes that this can reduce the risk of deepfakes, while also increasing security and giving users control over how much data is collected about them.

With the 2020 U.S. presidential election approaching, it is imperative both the private and public sector work together to defeat deepfake videos from spreading disinformation. Citizens must be able to make informed decisions with information they can trust

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