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Digital Identities & Micropayments: The Catalyst For Next-Gen Content Monetization

– Forbes

How digital identities could create a micropayment system for subscription services

In this article the author outlines how current subscription models for online news and streaming services are flawed, as the high prices deter those who only wish to use them occasionally. He proposes that digital identities could be used to track exactly what articles or TV shows someone has watched, creating a pay-as-you-go system.

“An all-encompassing and unique digital ID, powered by blockchain and tied to a single individual's biometric data, like a fingerprint, could become part of a brand new model that would save consumers and providers both money and time.”

The article also states that this system would potentially end the common practice of online ads which track people’s browsing history across different websites, increasing users’ privacy.

They would rather pay for access to content by way of micropayments and completely bypass the data tracking aspect altogether, and be able to do so via any number of devices and browsers. There’s even the potential of compensating participants who opt in to advertising or data collection

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