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Digital Identities: How Government Agencies Have Fallen Behind Private Companies in Fraud Prevention

– Forbes Technology Council

How digital identity could help stop fraudsters and criminals in their tracks

The author writes that financial services have hugely overtaken governments in this area, and outlines how the US government could prevent identity thieves from carrying out illegal activity with a robust digital identity infrastructure.

“It's time to enable digital government so that citizens can enjoy the same unbiased user experience, security, and speed used by banks and e-commerce sites.”

Suggestions for how government agencies can implement this technology include trialling pilot projects, scaling slowly, and ensuring staff members are digitally equipped. This technology should also be championed by the federal government, with incentives awarded to agencies that successfully implement these systems.

This is the best way forward until a national standard, such as the Improving Digital Identity Act is implemented to stop fraudsters. A lot of eyes are watching what comes to fruition with the modernization efforts in the Biden Rescue Plan

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