Photo: / Matyas Rehak

Digital Identities: Design and Uses - Mapping Digital Identity Systems: Estonia

– Centre for Internet and Society India (CIS)

As part of a global survey of digital identity systems, the Centre for Internet and Society, India  supported by Omidyar Network present its findings on digital identity in Estonia

This is the first in a series of research pieces using mapping techniques which aim to shine a light on the pervasiveness of digital identity and identify appropriate design choices for digital identity frameworks, and the implications of this for both the sustainable development agenda as well for civil, social and economic rights.

These maps provide a coherent view of digital identity in Estonia. They shine a light on the pervasiveness of digital identity, as well as dissect digital identity systems in a way that brings attention to the actions of key stakeholders, and to kinds of data and how they are shared. 

The mapping technique also reveals missing connections and flows in a system, which leads to the identification of areas where a small shift can produce a big improvement on the system.

The core processes within each digital identity system are being mapped in order to evaluate the existing technological and policy decisions. These process maps bring forward the advantages and barriers in the mechanisms of identification, authentication, and authorisation

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