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Digital Identities and CIAM – A Dynamic Duo in Healthcare

– Frontier Enterprise

A look at digital identity in healthcare, and how the sector can avoid fraud

The article outlines how healthcare services are being improved by digital identities, as people can manage and access their own data, saving them time and increasing security. However, cybercrime in healthcare is on the rise.

“As more people access health records and services via their personal devices, healthcare providers have a tough job in ensuring that each customer’s device is secure, putting even the most advanced multi-factor authentication login method at risk.”

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) uses machine learning to build a user profile that is linked to people’s identities. It uses behavioural biometrics to continuously authenticate the user, removing the risk of fraud.

With the proper implementation of CIAM and a centralized digital identity, all parties can benefit – healthcare organizations can better fortify their systems, build trust and ensure compliance with privacy legislation, while customers don’t have to spend an extra second thinking about security

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