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Digital ID: Functions and Building Blocks

– Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In this technical white paper for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Strategy Analytics review the systems options for mobile network operators to provide better digital identity solutions

Strategy Analytics review and conceptualize digital ID enablers like authentication processes, entitlement server architecture, digital identity orchestration, and 4G/5G solutions.

“Service building blocks can be grouped as three key functions to operate as part of a unified digital identity (ID) solution. The solution allows mobile network operators (MNOs) to offer multidevice eSIM activation and capture new ID-based value-added services that have seamless access to global mobile networks or ensure secure private access to the multiple third-party portals and cloud hyperscalers anywhere in the world.”

The key functions of authentication, entitlement and orchestration, are highlighted, as well as how SIM and eSIM devices can be involved in each of these functions, and the opportunities digital identity presents for growth among MNOs.

Basic eSIM activation and provisioning of new value-added services must become far simpler and more transparent from the user perspective. Activation and service validation need to happen easily and almost invisibly

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