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Digital Democracy: A Swiss View on Digital Trust

– World Economic Forum

Why public and private collaboration is crucial for digital ID systems

This article uses the example of a proposed Swiss e-ID scheme to investigate the interplay of the public and private sectors in digital identity infrastructure. It contends that the cooperation of both these sectors can bolster the implementation of identity schemes, government oversight can reduce the risk of privacy violations, while private sector involvement can potentially lessen state surveillance.

“It is the role of the government to avoid stand-still, drive interoperability and educate the population on benefits and safeguards of digital approaches.”

The author writes that ID schemes, even government ones, must be interoperable. This will allow individuals to build their own digital wallets, with various digital certificates and credentials for different services such as education and healthcare.

Participating in dialogues with the public sector is key to shaping solutions that drive user-centricity, usefulness and revenues

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