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Diagnostic: Trends Shaping the future of Digital Identification

– Caribou Digital

  • Viewpoint
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Emrys Schoemaker (Caribou Digital)
  • 1 December 2020

Caribou Digital shares takeaways from its latest installment of the “Diagnostic” conversation series exploring digital economies

Researcher Emrys Schoemaker relays comments from discussion participants, covering why trust frameworks are increasingly being used for digital ID, but noting these frameworks remain risky.

“The level of confidence in the credential is mostly determined by the authority responsible for and processes involved in issuing the credential — state issued documents such as birth certificates or driving licences are generally trusted more than credentials issued by private sector actors such as Facebook or Google.”

Dialogue participants also noted challenges presented by transitioning from an analogue to a digital world, getting data governance right, and achieving inclusive digital identity ecosystems.

The politics of inclusion are also key, as system design — intentionally or otherwise — that fails to identify and address vulnerable and marginalized populations can lead to exclusion. As one guest said ‘if the government doesn’t want inclusivity out of a system, you won’t get inclusion’

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