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The Device-Free Future Of Payments

– Forbes

This article outlines the concept of self-sovereign data - which could allow us to make payments and verify our identities without devices

The author imagines a world where laptops, phones, or credit cards are no longer needed, as we will instead use our digital identities to verify ourselves. This will be made possible through biometrics.

“Much in the same way businesses have migrated from physical servers to the enterprise cloud, we as individuals will move from physical devices to our own personal cloud, enabling us to interface with whatever device is available.”

Johnson distinguishes between self-sovereign identity and self-sovereign data (SSD), noting that we intrinsically own our identities but it is our data that we surrender control of to companies when we make transactions online.

To fully understand where your data is, and govern access to it, understand who is touching it and exactly what they are doing with it, an SSD model is essential. Thereby eradicating gatekeepers of data, banks, governments, and more, where the ultimate authority is you

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