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COVID Vaccine Passports Are Important But Could They Also Create More Global Inequality?

– EuroNews

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 27 August 2021

How vaccine passports could unfairly restrict the movement of people in low-income countries

In this article, Joseph Atick of ID4Africa explains the concept of ‘traceability’ in ID systems and why it could act as a barrier to African citizens’ ability to access vaccine passports. Traceability involves linking a person to their identification - usually a birth certificate, which many people in African countries lack, and are therefore shut out.

“A similar exclusion, but on an even larger scale, could easily happen if a global system for health status is imposed on the developing world. Hundreds of millions of people could be locked out because they lack the traceability documentation required.”

Atick says that ultimately many African countries will not be able to meet the strict standards required for their vaccine passports to be globally compliant. This means that while the passports may revitalize economies in developing countries, for those in countries across the rest of the world it creates an additional barrier to free movement and trade, leaving people even further behind.

And that will institutionalize a new form of global inequality that will aggravate the impact of the pandemic, especially for people who already have suffered the most

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