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COVID-19 Rapid Evidence Review: Exit through the App Store?

– Ada Lovelace Institute

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 27 April 2020

An examination of the implications on people’s rights that technological responses to COVID-19 such as immunity certificates might have in the UK

The report looks at contact tracing, symptom tracking apps and immunity certification, and aims to open a public dialogue in order to develop best practice for these technologies. It ultimately finds a lack of evidence to support these solutions. This is because governments have not yet been able to:

“1. Represent accurate information about infection or immunity

2. Demonstrate technical capabilities to support required functions

3. Address various practical issues for use, including meeting legal tests

4. Mitigate social risks and protect against exacerbating inequalities and vulnerabilities”

The report states that for the new technology to be effective, it will need to be trusted by the public and this can only happen if people’s privacy is protected. Legislation must be created around issues such as what data the apps can collect, and how long the apps have access to it.

Until a robust and credible means of immunity testing is developed, focus should be on developing a comprehensive strategy around immunity that considers the deep societal implications of any immunity certification regime, rather than on developing digital immunity certificates 

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