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Covid-19 Health Passes Can Open the Door to a Digital ID Revolution

– Thales

How Covid health passes could pave the way for the wider implementation of digital wallets

In this article, the author makes a case for Covid health certificates, and how they have the potential to help safely reopen society, arguing that beyond the pandemic, these passes can provide the technical foundation for digital wallets, which act as a secure carrier for identity verifiers and other credentials.

“For governments, the multi-document capability of a wallet provides a future-proof platform for ambitious, medium term, digital transformation. Crucially, by supporting both face-to-face and online verification, authentication and registration by users, it facilitates the digitalization of a host of public services.”

The author gives guidance on how digital wallets can incorporate key principles of inclusivity, trust, and convenience. Suggestions include ensuring the systems don’t rely on smartphone ownership, complying with data protection laws, and ensuring verification can occur within seconds.

The wallet also offers a step change in security, privacy and user control. The data is encrypted end-to-end, so the wallet effectively establishes an ultra-secure vault on the user’s phone. Moreover, the user can select the attributes that they wish to share. In contrast to a standard health pass, only the information essential for the transaction needs to be revealed

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