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The COVID-19 Global Pandemic Raises Serious Privacy Problems

– Cointelegraph

A look at how digital identity could be an effective response to the coronavirus pandemic without threatening privacy

The author notes how responses to COVID-19 have raised fears about lasting government surveillance, but that despite debates on how much personal information we should be prepared to surrender, this doesn’t need to be the path that we take:

“What’s not making it into the news is an alternative solution — one that fulfills the requirements of the current state of emergency and satisfies the need to serve public health and safety, but also protects our privacy. The solution is a digital credential, or digital identity.”

Dahl writes that digital identity works because the issuer of a credential, such as a healthcare provider, is trusted by the public. At the same time, the credential’s design means the user only needs to show as much information as they are prepared to.

A digital credential can be issued by any organization and read by any other organization, but you get to choose exactly what information gets read. In other words, you can help fight the pandemic by sharing your location data or your health status, and still feel safe knowing that there is no way to tie it to your name

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