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They Want To Use Your Location Data to Fight Pandemic. That's a Big Privacy Issue

– ZDNet

As telecom organizations across the globe start passing on customer data for the purpose of tracking Covid-19, this article highlights the concerns of data-privacy advocates

In response to the news this week that Deutsche Telekom is handing 5GB of customer data as part of a national response to the tracking of Covid-19 in Germany, this article looks at the lack of transparency, and how some countries are already using mobile-phone data in a more authoritarian manner.

"Telekom customers have not been asked explicitly if their data could be used for this purpose and neither the company nor the privacy commissioner seem willing to explain what was in that 5GB of data. According to experts, that's a lot of information when it comes to mobility."

The author spoke to data-privacy advocate, Christopher Schmidt, about the permissions needed in the transfer of data to health authorities, until the epidemic is over:

Transparency is the most important issue, Schmidt told ZDNet. "Before doing something like Telekom has done, it's important to inform people – even if the measure is based on vital social interests," he said

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