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Consequences of the Crisis, Part II: Digital Identity to the Forefront

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Omid Malekan
  • 27 April 2020

This article argues that the coronavirus pandemic will illuminate the need for digital identity, and makes the case for self-sovereign ID

The author explains how current models of identity verification are flawed, because the online authority who confirms and shares your verified data - such as Facebook - has complete control over your personal information.

“At best, they only occasionally abuse the privilege and slightly monetize your data. At worst they get hacked and spill everything. The incentive structure is all wrong, and the more popular a federated solution becomes, the more likely something bad will happen.”

An alternative method of verification is blockchain-based forms of digital identity, which are self-sovereign forms of ID, meaning people’s data is controlled by them and not in danger of being sold or hacked.

Decentralization still scares people in too many ways that it shouldn’t, and the back-end infrastructure hasn’t been battle tested enough. What’s more, there’s something about a pandemic that scares everyone into the arms of the big and powerful — like the mega tech companies that are dying to get their hands on all of our data, including our medical data

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