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Checkpoints for Vaccine Passports

– Ada Lovelace Institute

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 28 May 2021

A balanced examination of the potential benefits and pitfalls of vaccine passports

With the rapid development and roll out of Covid-19 vaccination programs across the globe, this executive report summary investigates the complexities of the vaccine passport debate. Through expert data and opinion, it interrogates the benefits and trade offs that such digitized systems would expose society to.

(The report) aims to support governments and developers to work through the necessary steps to examine the evidence available, understand the design choices and the societal impacts, and assess whether a roll-out of vaccine passports could navigate risks to play a socially beneficial role.

The report is distilled into six requirements that governments and developers will need to consider and deliver on whilst mitigating the risks to ensure the sociotechnical systems benefit society. The key considerations that must be present are: a rooted scientific confidence; a clear purpose; strong ethical consideration; good socio-technical system design; public legitimacy; ensured protection against future risks.

By setting out the features to be delivered across the whole system, the benefits and risks to be weighed, and the harms to be mitigated, we hope to support governments to calculate whether they can be justified, or whether investment in vaccine passports might prove to be a technological distraction from the central goal to reopen societies safely and equitably

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