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Calling All Innovators! Help Achieve ‘Good ID’ for the World’s Invisible Billion

– World Bank

The ID4D team at the World Bank are encouraging all to get involved in their Mission Billion innovation challenge.

This challenge is setting out to find crucial solutions to a critical problem concerning identity globally – ensuring everyone has access to digital identification and civil registration systems.

As explained in their blog:

The aim is to tap on the world’s innovators for new ideas to tackle some of the toughest challenges developing countries face when introducing digital identification and civil registration systems, in particular, protecting privacy and empowering people to control their personal data.

World Bank Group, ID4D

Digital identification is a key tool for ending extreme poverty and promoting the inclusion of the world’s invisible people. Mission Billion is an exciting opportunity to strengthen this work to realize the full potential of what ‘Good ID’ can accomplish. However, we need your ideas to tackle these tough challenges.

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