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Businesses Need Verification Devices for Digital Health Passes

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 1 November 2021

How the creation of suitable verification devices could help businesses

This article acknowledges the need for businesses to create verification apps to help their business get back to normal. During the pandemic, numerous countries have introduced digital health passes for reasons including travel and retail. While each health pass is different, a negative test result or proof of vaccination are the most common requirements - but there is still a need to verify these digital health passes.

“QR codes are the most common types of barcodes in use, and are used in Telpo’s own digital health pass app, but verifying that the health status certificate matches the person presenting it may involve another authentication method.”

Similar to health passes, verification systems can be considerably different which means it is vital to create a system that is supported by common devices, such as androids. The TPS530 is explored here as an effective device.

The TPS530 is designed for digital health pass verification on public transit, the Certificate Scanner F6 features a voice intercom, and the TPS950T includes QR code and temperature scanning

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