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Building Trust: Lessons from Canada’s Approach to Digital Identity

– Observer Research Foundation

An exploration of Canada’s digital identity and how it might inform similar projects around the world

As digital identity is used to build contact tracing apps and immunity passports in response to COVID-19, questions on the design of these ID systems are critical. This report takes a look at Canada’s model of digital ID, and its focus on creating universally accepted standards before software solutions.

“The most important determinant for successful adoption of digital identity is the prevalence of a culture of trust, which has to be built slowly and iteratively.”

Abraham states that the current pandemic illustrates that digital identity solutions must be globally interoperable. They should also embrace the move towards self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions that are increasingly being discussed.

Governments should declare success only when opposition to digital identity projects end. They need to build trust so comprehensively that the people themselves become champions of the digital identity ecosystem

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